♫♪  Niagara - “Vanillacola (Fennesz vs Ottino RMX)”

Is there anything out there “better than music?” Duh! The answer to that question is HELL YES, you idiot. Videos. Videos are WAY WAYY WAYYY better than music. That’s why the Turin-based, “experimental-pop” duo known as Niagara — who just released the remix album Vanillacola Re-bottled last week via Monotreme Records — have already unveiled this new “video remix” of the track “Vanillacola,” created by none other than this cool guitar player dude named Christian Fennesz and premiered below. Sold? Me too. But here’s more talk from the band to help convince you anyway:

This is the second time we tried this experiment - creating a “video remix”. In the previous video I directed for Niagara (ELSE), I asked video maker Sterven Jonger to take all the footage I shot for the ELSE video and use it to create a brand new video to use for the remix that Liars made for the same song. This time I asked the guys that made the Vanillacola video if I could use all the footage that they shot to do the same thing. My personal vision was to mix nature and architecture by creating psychedelic creatures that are breathing and pulsating with the sounds. It was an honor to have the opportunity to do it, inspired by the vision of Christian Fennesz, one of the artists that inspired a lot Niagara’s music.

Alright, alright. Enough of all this “music talk” and “reading stuff” already. Get ready for the far-superior experience of passively WATCHING SOME VIDEO PLAY IN YOUR FACE. Ahhhhhhh… now that’s entertainment.

• Niagara: http://www.niagaraniagara.it
• Fennesz: http://www.fennesz.com

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