Nick Malkin

Separating himself from the night-beat, graffiti produced project Afterhours, Nick Malkin takes production under his own name on Non Projects with the new EP Christmas Lights Through a Rain-Streaked Migraine. Featuring “A2” in a head-nodding, gaseous mind-space arena, piano and sampled vocals merge a melody bent to a drawn-out base beat, pairing looped live-drumming, and eventually strings, overwhelming the climax reverb of the track with all noises, calming into a buzzing effect and almost harp-ish resounding effects. Typically using a beat to drive most of the Afterhours releases, Nick Malkin really wanders within “A2” and is able to stretch his creative abilities to a more ephemeral effect on Christmas Lights Through a Rain-Streaked Migraine EP, rather than finding his feet on the dance floor. Though, that same street-lamp-glow-at-midnight atmosphere bellows within “A2,” as it does with his Afterhours releases, encapsulating a breadth of nocturnal inspiration. But don’t take my work for it, listen to “A2” below by Nick Malkin and head on over to Non Projects to grip dat pre-order game.

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