♫♪  Nick Malkin - “B2”

Since TMT covered Nick Malkin’s first single, “A2” off his newest Non Projects album, Christmas Lights Through a Rain​-​Streaked Migraine, the album has dropped HARD, and I’ve embedded it Bandcamp-style below:

That’s the first-off, because I ain’t done with y’all yet. And neither is Nick Malkin, premiering his Rob Feulner directed new video for “B2.” Something I’ve always liked about Nick Malkin (more-so his Afterhours works, considering the amount he’s release under the name) is he’s always taken production work as if it were more canvased. Much like the video, tape hissing throughout “B2” demands a subtle attention-grabbing aesthetic that only emerges an atmosphere as scattered taps of the symbol rummages a rythm throughout, setting the tone. We find that there is no meaning to these deserted images in the video, nor does this symbol tapping have any determinate rythm for “B2,” finding the majesty in breathtaking natural imagery, pairing to an echoing and serene vocal sample harkening emotion with mixed intention. All this leaves the viewer/listener in a creative state that muses the most unintentional thought process, and it shouldn’t go to waste. So if you’re feeling like being creative, get in tune with Nick Malkin, and sift through the sands of “B2” below:

• Nick Malkin: https://soundcloud.com/nm_afterhours
• Non Projects Records: http://nonprojects.net

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