♫♪  POLYGLOVE - “Czarist”

From their album Redial, released as a double-album cassette with Dialler on Illuminated Paths earlier this February, PolyGolve returns to the kaleidoscopic intensity with a video for sweat-beader, “Czarist.” Phoning in a signal of looping keys, “Czarist” marches to a drum that’s equally smeared as well as it is back-dropped and faded in and out. Sirens wail throughout with a granular wobble that transplants minds into hedges on the lamb. Blues merge with pupils into flourishing mind gases that bloom thought as one would think of something and then immediately forget to answer.

“Czarist” starts out the album Redial, and it further goes-in on zones that colors cannot reach: Music. Pick up Redial on the reel today via Illuminated Paths, and go for the Friday magic:

• Polyglove: https://soundcloud.com/polyglove
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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