♫♪  PolyGlove - “Ohm”

“Ohm” — the first single off POLYGLOVE’s newest Redial EP out now on cassette via Illumined Paths — had a video made by SecondFrams Films in all it’s meditative and possessive hypnotic journey, and it’s nothing short of mind controlling. My only suggestion: play this bit of video-tractor-beam on the largest screen you have access to, and virtually become a part of the beyond. And as the label name suggests, you’ll take an quest within the “Ohm” lit like trails encrusted by starts, fading into your feet, throughout the night. The pensive beat swirling your senses. Grimed across a slathering of focus. Stretched by your imagination into a zero-gravity dance hall. Inner peace is that of the creatively innovative. Let’s start something together.

Snag Redial EP on cassette via Illuminated Paths, and scope the video for POLYGLOVE’s “Ohm” below.

• PolyGlove: http://polyglove.bandcamp.com
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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