♫♪  PUN COLLINS - “Rove” (feat. Sham Baron)

Like blacking out from huffing duster a bit too long after losing consciousness. Reflecting upon the birth of life within an area of pure grit. Success in the amount of ambition you have just to awake again. Almost finding the single atom inside you that created your being and existence.

PUN COLLINS (a.k.a. Outmoded ) is still soaring with the October release of Blueprints, but is gearing up for a split with [SECRETS!!!] on DIRTY TAPES. His side is entitled Worldwide Wave (including tracks “Narcissist” and “Hummer Seat” with cover art by Nate James) is sure to win over those future-future listeners and beat-heads, alike.

And luckily, PUN’s newest single “Rove” (feat. Sham Baron) got picked up by them Paris Group International boiis for a bit of their old video-wobble science, which is a sure crowd pleaser throughout the current Brooklyn night-life. Along them lines, PGI been doing a ton of Astro Nautico parties and heavy duties on the DIRTY TAPES Boiler Room TV visions too, gripping listeners through extreme analog aesthetics and a fuzz unlike anything you’ve ever experiences. So without further adieu:

• PUN COLLINS: http://puncollins.bandcamp.com
• Sham Baron: https://soundcloud.com/sham-baron
• Dirty Tapes: https://dirtytapes.tumblr.com

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