♫♪  Quicksails - “Daily Drift”

A heavy sneeze of sectioned snowflakes and coarsely xeroxed genitalia, not to mention negative plaid turbo coils, flat-lined by rolling bobs and blobs of color-spliced bass hits, ladled out through anticipatory momentum, grow together to make “Daily Drift” by Chicago’s own Quicksails all so alive.

Rapscallion that Sara Drake is, she’s lobbed the deft visuals for “Daily Drift” at your peepers, and you’d be right to take the time to see what it is. Do so below, ya friggin’ dum-dum, and try to hunt down a copy of the sold-out tape (alongside other such gems as Witchbeam’s Shadow Musick Vol. 2 and OLD SVRFERS’ Ain’t Scared of Shaka) ASAP, because maybe you don’t truly, madly, deeply need the cassette in your life, but it sure wouldn’t hurt!

• Quicksails: https://soundcloud.com/quicksails
• Tranquility Tapes: http://tranquilitytapes.blogspot.com

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