♫♪  Rachika S - “Behold”

It’s more or less a given that contemporary musical artists working on the higher end of visibility and reach take their video and live-show light work as virtually as central to their work as their audio trail, but Brooklyn-based Rachika S seems to have integrated that understanding in deeply immanent fashion from her first public transmission. Despite performing on a DIY level, she priorities a fully immersive live experience of video and neon lights, reminding us that even if we’re not at a rave, audio forms are always capable of enveloping and building a social-sensory space, a new way of moving and chatting and viewing and responding.

So it’s no surprise that her first video release, which she directed herself, more or less erases any sort of DIY/big-budget distinction, coming as a fully formed transmission of the primary-colored worlds she builds across her various mediums. Coming off her Themes for a Film EP, the song is a stunner, a moody, throbbing invitation, but you’d be hard-pressed to imagine it without its visual. There’s a world in there.

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