♫♪  Ras G - “Auntie Jackie”

Please, if you haven’t already heard the news: Ras G dropped the fourth Baker’s Dozen edition on Fat Beats, and it’s fully playable upon clicking these words and the Bandcamp play button. Second, the single, “Auntie Jackie,” gripped a nasty VHS smear video of old clips put together by the masterful, GodsConnect. Thirdly, the person — “Auntie Jackie” — is actually someone we all interact with throughout the week: co-workers that are practically moms to their nieces and nephews that you started getting 99-cent store presents for because you originally though these kids were hers; the lady in front of you buying loosy 100s from the bodega, while some guy outside is yelling through the open door, “Who’s kids are running with their heads cut-off out here?” and she like, They ain’t mine, but hands off or YOU’LL get decapitated; your own aunt that calls for money so your cousin and his four kids can eat, but you’re like, “Don’t any of you have a job?” Wearing overalls she can’t button because her fingernails too long, while she’s commenting on her issues using touch-screen phones, and bragging about her dial-pad texting abilities. Braids so tight they put an open flame next her scalp seconds after to secure the woven-hair strength, and “Auntie Jackie” complaining for two days after because it’s still painful and she can’t sleep. And everything is “blessed.” Everything.

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