♫♪  Sean Pierce - “Hive”

Lately, I’ve been inclined towards techno and house that takes me not to a pristine club in Ibiza, but to a filthy basement party where everyone, from the crust-punks to the techno-heads, is going out of their minds. Such music can be heard at the regular MOTOR parties that take place in Seattle. But did you know that you can take a little slice of those parties home with you? MOTOR is dropping not one, not two, but three (!) new releases this spring, and tomorrow you can cop the digital only EP from Portland’s Sean Pierce (member of PDX punks ASSS). “Hive,” streaming below, showcases the deep, dark, and dank sounds that permeate this 4-track beast, with chugging beats, acid synth tones, and a grimy late night party vibe that is right up my alley.

Transit drops online April 24, so stay tuned for more dope content from the MOTOR/Debacle crew. Also, be sure to scope the sick new cover art and packaging for the MOTOR series, courtesy of Coldbrew Collective’s Aashish Gadani!

• MOTOR Records: http://www.motorcollective.com
• Sean Pierce: https://soundcloud.com/sean_pierce

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