♫♪  Sextile - “Can’t Take It”

L.A.-based band Sextile are set to release their debut in August on Felte (Nite Fields, Ritual Howls) and are sharing the album’s first great thrust with “Can’t Take It.” Sextile grew out of a prowess for the occult, specifically astrology, the band name itself an astrological term that relates to harmony and the ease of expression of two seemingly different elements. Recording their debut presumably only took place during a certain time in the lunar cycle and definitely ended up being called A Thousand Hands &ndash an incredibly strong album, debut or not. Their sound is heavily rooted in the capacities of industrial and post-punk, carrying an expected power while toying with a theme of loss. On tracks like “Can’t Take It,” A Thousand Hands’s true jumping point, the band builds and then goes on a tear, circling around the brooding cry of “no, I can’t take it” shredding while on the brink of losing control.

Sextile are going on tour with label mates Au.Ra for a week, running up the West Coast and ripping through a handful of places near the end of June. Check ‘em out. Good chance they’re absolutely destructive live. A Thousand Hands is out August 21 on Felte.

06.24.15 - San Diego, CA - The Hideout *
06.26.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Non Plus Ultra *
07.01.15 - San Francisco, CA - Elbo Room *
07.03.15 - Portland, OR - Beacon Sound *
07.05.15 - Seattle, WA - Vera Project *
07.08.15 - Fullerton, CA - The Continental Room

* Au.Ra

• Sextile: https://www.facebook.com/sextileband
• Fetle: http://felte.net
• Fetle: https://soundcloud.com/felte

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