Sextile unveil new album, announce L.A. shows, premiere track “Who Killed Six,” give us all a sorely needed astrology lesson

Sextile unveil new album, announce L.A. shows, premiere track "Who Killed Six," give us all a sorely needed astrology lesson
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Two things to know about L.A. punks Sextile: 1) They rule.

2) Their name is inspired by classical astrology. As explained to us in an email:

The classical astrology meaning of a sextile is that the powers involved cooperate smoothly, so that they encourage and inspire one another. So, both sides of the sextile gain by the aspect between them. This mutual stimulation is usually very creative, on a daily basis.

Actually, real quick? One more thing: Sextile, the band, have a new album coming out. It’s called Albeit Living, and it comes out next month on Felte. This new record is a little less raggedy than their first (also awesome) album, A Thousand Hands. But it still has “that kick.” You know what I’m talking about — that SPECIAL KICK of powers cooperating smoothly? (If you don’t, go get that first LP.)

But hold on: more about astrology! As the key to Sextile is held in the cosmos above, we felt it best to let the band wax celestially. Courtesy of member Eddie Wuebben:

Astrology and music have been tied together for decades. Certain things just seem to be evident as if there is some Astro connection to reality. Look at the Beatles. John Lennon was a Libra while Paul McCartney is a Gemini. Gemini and Libra is one of your most compatible matches, along with Aquarius. These signs represents the element of air. The traits of these signs can be heard in their music. Very pop and cerebral songwriting with an emphasis on artistic and creative endeavors.

Another example is The Rolling Stones. Fronted by Mick Jagger who is a Leo while Keith Richards is a Sagittarius. These signs, along with Aries, represent fire which can be heard in their music – adventurous, sexual, seductive, recklessness, great emphasis on the rock & roll-ness of it all.

Also, in Ian Svenonius’s book Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group, he covers the astrological relation in bands and how different signs bring a different influence. You should read it.

Most people think of daily horoscopes in the newspaper when they think of astrology, but that’s basically the tip of the iceberg. Astrology has been around for thousands of years and the study of signs and their relation to one another becomes very fascinating once you dive into the depths that not only cover personalities but also events past, present and future.

For us, it is another fun classic occult subject to study. We are into studying many topics and philosophies. When we were thinking about the name of the band, we happened to be doing “astrology chart” readings in our friend’s backyard. We were discussing the different aspects of signs and when we were discussing “sextile” (signs that are 60 degrees apart from each other) which represents a harmonious, creative relationship, our friend suggested why not name the band sextile? And it stuck.

Ugh. Sorry. Just ONE MORE TEENY THING while you’re still here: Sextile will also be playing a couple shows in L.A. next month to celebrate the record’s release. Check those dates right after listening to “Who Killed Six.”

OH WAIT, RIGHT: we almost forgot the most important part! Sextile is premiering “Who Killed Six,” a track from the new album. Today. Right here! As you listen to it and embrace the wisdom of the stars, feel free to pre-order Albeit Living, which will be available July 14 on digital, vinyl, and CD. Then, if you’re still earthbound next month, go watch them slay in Los Angeles.

Albeit Living tracklisting:

01. One Of These
02. Who Killed Six
03. Ripped
04. Floored
05. Mental
06. Steralized
07. Das Cat
08. Situations
09. Crisis
10. AVC

Sextile L.A. dates:

07.13.17 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon (release show) ~
07.18.17 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex *

~ Flatworms, Crush, GLAARE, Silent Servant (DJ)
* Algiers

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