♫♪  “SH-2000” - /​/​olivoil​/​/

“SH-2000” (Barnaby Bennett and Patrick Whitten) are back with a bit of cathartic seepage in new release, /​/​olivoil​/​/. Track “2.1” having been recorded raw, recently, during the night of David Bowie’s death (for y’all down in the dumps about it), stirs up a slow brewing trail of stardust via vapor, trickling flares that ooze off its drip. Yes, “2.1” is the slow horse in a pose, but with only careful measure and intent, as that strut through the dessert only gets longer, so the road goes. And crooked turns that weren’t there guiding the way previously, yet going with it only seems like the right idea. Like the cover of Beach Boys’ Surf’s Up. “2.2” is where the real jam goes from jelly to syrup, when fluttering electronics hesitantly emerge a pool of black before its demon becomes incontrovertible. Y’all never heard the voice before? Because “SH-2000” is bubbling up their message and it’s becoming less of a whisper. Find yourself:

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