♫♪  Shitty Poet - the Cashier

Dial that shit back to No Mercy Bad Poet. Now refresh them “Anti-Meme” and “Dishwasher” videos. Then top it off with that one Monkeybone mix. Okay, you’re ready for the Cashier. New Shitty Poet (a.k.a. Gobby) gonna roll you up and suck you down like gutting ever roach from last week and lighting a mega-tar joint. Maybe. All I know is thems lil devils kick hard — one summer i bought a bag of my dealer’s roaches for $50 and was high every single day, fiending — and the Cashier does the same. Heart strings tugged. Demands are made. Beats flinging out in a salsa of rythm. Salsa is chopped and mixed. Melodies dwindled in lyrics then structure then everything melting again into another. Basically, nothing is stopping Gobby. Especially his content in remaining a Shitty Poet. Enjoy:

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