♫♪  Snow Ghosts - A Wrecking

Häxan Deco symbiotes (Throwing) Snow (and Augustus) Ghost(s) peddled eldritch black-eyed soul on their previous album A Small Murmuration and they’re back next Monday (February 16) with A Wrecking, which we have the pleasure of premiering in full below. Their label Houndstooth, freshly aglow from their triumphant listing in our Favorite Labels of 2014, trailed the album with digital single “Circles Out Of Salt” and you can check out the Cassidy Burcher-directed video here. Ghost’s vocals settle in the bones with an icy chill, her drowning protagonist consumed beneath the blistered surface of Snow’s peak-time angst-rave.

Written and recorded on the Dorset coast, A Wrecking finds Snow Ghosts opening up to the outside, scanning its environment in search of the wider angle, tapping into the fecund psychogeography of the shore. The new album’s nautical frame brings to mind Roberto Bolaño’s claim that British ideas of love, hemmed in by coast and sea, are dominated by the metaphor of the ocean. The death drive vastness of the sea, the treachery of its tides and undercurrents, an abyssal lure enchanting countless rogues, dreamers and smugglers, is suggestive of both a depersonalizing harmonics of feedback/noise and a point of collapse for hinterland communities and the nebulous identities therein. Check out the album here:

Snow Ghosts will be touring the UK in the spring with Portico, whose forthcoming album Living Fields is another slice of noise-crested post-Anxiety future-pop.

• Snow Ghosts: http://snowghosts.net
• Houndstooth Label: http://www.houndstoothlabel.com

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