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So, I came about Sontag Shogun as I was e-mailed by their newest label/home, Palaver Press. At first they were poppin’ this video of “The Musk Ox” at me, which is the second-last track off Sontag Shogun’s forthcoming album Tale. The video is super fucking lush and subtly maximalist, but also WAY controlling. Not just of the listener’s ears and eyes, but of tension between the focal character, the scenario, and the perfection in which it’s captured, so KUDOS to editor/director Isabel Nao for nailing some obscurely moving visuals to it’s sonic counterpart, “The Musk Ox.” Scope:

Oh, but HELL no I ain’t finished. These pleasant lingerers — Sontag Shogun that is — had their Tale record release party two Thursdays ago at Body Actualized Center, and I missed it. However, my love for this post-yoga venue and them having their album release party there just further interests me in their scene, older releases, and surrounding crew-/label-/bill-mates. Well, to answer SOME of that, Sontag Shogun is the formation of ex-members of The Slowest Runner In All The World, Marble Fawn, Trio, Szilárd, Kenneth Gorelick. Ring any bells? Well, listen to their newest bit Tale and you’ll probably hear some vibing out. And courtesy of my man, late-nighter, and Sontag Shogun member Jeremy, we’ve the pleasure of filling this Tuesday with some solid ear contentment. Listen to Tale below and refrain from melting in your office today, please:

• Sontag Shogun: http://www.sontagshogun.com
• Palaver Press: http://www.palaverpress.com

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