♫♪  Ssaliva - “Outline Magic”

Good-old Ssaliva been a beat-cop on this block for a minute now. First I heard of the fellah was his Leaving Records release. Now he’s doing splits with djwwww and getting mad-zoned on levels that may humans may not even be ready for yet. However, the pulse that Not Not Fun has their finger against within [the music world] continues to please and never cease (thankfully). In light of Ssaliva’s first release Mercury Coast, Not Not Fun is now dropping the full length on cassette for the smoothest ride this side of the magnet.

Health” was the first drip off the Mercury Coast’s CS drop (even though it was previously released; fuck [the music world], on the whole), so Not Not Fun gave up a sweet slice of melancholy entitled, “Outline Magic.” And this spell of sound is surely something bordering the tragically limbo’d, like a margarita accidentally mixed with rum, or arriving to the desert when there once was a lake. A five o-clock shadow that started a noon, and now your shoes are filled with sand, so nothing is stopping you now from opening up that beach chair and wasting away.

“Outline Magic” is coming soon on Not Not Fun via the first ever cassette release of Mercury Coast, and I’m super stoked because recorded mirages of bent sounds like these always crunch best through the reel and out the system. Bump a vibe that supersedes all vibes, below:

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