♫♪  ssaliva - “scope”

Everything so heavy these days. Everything. Opinions. Attitudes. Ideas. Wins. Losses. Hype. Publicity. Digital buffoonery is all in the flick of a hack. Decentralize the synaptic nerve and ride that wave. Come home and find everything severed. Ties to family. Roommates packed up. All wires cut in half. The fridge leaking into the room below. So leave.

Take nothing from nobody. Loads of nonsense building up to climb atop to view a clear path of escape. It’s down the trail into nature. Echoing cavernous tenacity. Waves bludgeoning enough to knock out even the toughest. Keep swimming. No more wading. ssaliva is going all the way in on “scope.” Much deeper advice within we never happened on vinyl via Ekster OUT NOW!

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