♫♪  Stress - “Nail”

Stress is exactly what y’all need toward the end of every day. Check yourself with the bouncer. Toss that idea out for a plus one on the list. Sweat Equity bouncing off the ceilings inside while moving just right to dance around each “Nail.” Stress contorts such movement here within “Nail” that can snap from spastic limb flaying to creeper gaze within a heart beat. Swaying to either the outward-inecho’d melodies or shifty-turvy beat recoil. Or that piercing hum one gets when grabbing beers after visiting the firing range. Climaxing quickly, like the obelysk in 2001, and fire in the sky in HD via Independence Day starring blood-shot eyes in a corner of the club that seems to be heated only by your body movements, whatever y’all doing back there. The Stress just melts check out the track on the new Sweat Equity massive compilation, and stream “Nail” below:

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