“Pink Beam”

Svamps is a new project consisting of Kansas City’s Brandon Knocke (of the beat-beaming Discoverer, whom you might remember from a little mix, no?) and Tilly & the Wall’s Kianna Alarid Cameron. Yeah, I wrote Tilly & the Wall — you remember them? That band with the tap dancer? Weird. In any case, together, the two have created Zebra, a new tape out soon on Digitalis, and “Pink Beam” represents our first official introduction to what’s in store, an extended improvisation recorded live just moments after the two collaborators met for the first time(!). Neon synths, pulsing chord progressions, New Age-y flute melodies, and animal yelps/howls slicing through only to trail off with a haunting echo. Ohhhhh, yes, no less than seven solid minutes of pure “unnnggghhhh.” But it’s really the beat here, ain’t it, which is one of the heavier four-on-the-floors in recent memory, with just about the roundest of round bass hits possibly ever. Successive guttural punches with feather-laden fists of subdued fury. The final product will be manipulated and edited together by the inimitable Brad Rose of Altar Eagle, Charlatan, etc., so watch out for it and try to control your glutes, if you can.

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