Every time SWAN MEAT (poet, musician, visual artist: Reba Beauchamp) pops up in my inbox or social media feed, it’s always a nice reminder that the feminists have won. Reba’s cleverness in pointing out societal expectations that tear women from their self into a norm of gender-geared demand provides dual feelings of complete shame this is something we all potentially participate in AND content someone is bold enough to not only point it out, but disguise it with exquisite aesthetics. “RENDER/TRIGGER” draws upon and blends sounds NON and Elysia Crampton are progressing, while doubling up vocals both ASMR and Garden of Delete, in a menagerie of intricacies that only a keen ear will hear, so keep that SoundCloud on repeat. You can also read these lyrics here in an array of verbal imagery. And the grapevine says this’ll be included on the new SWAN MEAT release that Afternoons Modeling will be dropping within the coming months, so keep an ear out and CIS gender, heterosexist ‘tude in CHECK. Directions below:

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