♫♪  The Garment District - “Nature Nurture (Sonic Boom Remix)” b/w “Miraculous Metal” / “Vigor”

For a certain kind of fan, the words “sonic boom” instantly evoke two esteemed cult culture figures. Each of them rose to prominence a couple decades ago, thanks to experimentation and success with digital tools, back in the technology’s nascent days. One of them fights un-American street thugs with hooks of psychedelic light spinning from his arms. The other fights the banality of existence with disarming psychedelic hooks that will spin and light up your head.

There’s a meme averring that Guile’s theme music goes with everything. That’s all well and good, but a certain kind of fan knows it’s much more captivating when Spectrum’s Sonic Boom — Peter Kember — gets involved with anything.

This time, he’s got his hooks into the track “Nature Nurture” by The Garment District (alter ego, Jennifer Baron), from her debut tape Melody Elder. The original is a synthesizer affair that arpeggiates forward with stately grace, as if meant to accompany a procession through a digital chapel. Well, who’s better at pairing synths and Christ than a former partner of Spacemen 3? Sonic Boom’s remix is generally subtle, opting to fray the edges of the track’s tones rather than totally reweaving it as all new tapestry.

Sonic Boom’s remix of “Nature Nurture” is available October 15 on a 7-inch from La Station Radar, backed by “Miraculous Metals and “Vigor,” both originals by The Garment District. Check Tiny Mix Tapes’ premiere of the digital tracks below.

• The Garment District: http://thegarmentdistrict.bandcamp.com
• Sonic Boom: http://www.sonic-boom.info/home.php
• La Station Radar: http://www.lastationradar.com

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