♫♪  The Savage Young Taterbug - Journeymans Cheddar

Where haven’t you been, Mr. Free? To what lengths shall the imagination of Journeymans Cheddar be stretched? “Percy’s Transmission” ended too soon, and the face clawing laughter of “Hillbilly French” could wreck any human psyche. Strolling along the town docks, kicking pebbles into the port; just meandering “Togetherman.” Feelings “Ain’t Razor Blade” my thoughts with rubbished pain in a bombastic or two. The “Working Juice” fueling straight to my brain into ignition. However, “Ungummed Son & Meltwax Soul” will ultimately be the saddest of all expositions, considering the rewind button and a reel’s life expectancy. And no matter the “Small Sour Ballast” — in the way it warps you aboard — following the “Disc Jockey Inside Corona Bottle” with his pal Tracey Trance into an adventures of exploration. But that “Jacking Boy I Never Knew” is earnestly the most pleasing of thoughts in the most fingered up [guitar] neck lick at the end.

The Savage Young Taterbug has and will continue to ALWAYS satiate his followers. Pipering in his fifth tape on Night People, Journeymans Cheddar rips at the core of Charles Free’s travels across America and sound. Not only of the mind, but soul and existence has mushed itself in a comforting way with The Savage Young Taterbug, seemingly drawing from a plethora of genres, artists, cultures, etc. Though, the case (along with silk screened Night People j-card) is made time and time again that it’s merely deep musical archeology of the ear. And this lyrics are to die for, if you can get past the warp and scratch. Word is, on The Savage Young Taterbug’s upcoming 12-inch on Night People, his voice is surprisingly cleaner sounding, and the lyrics are more revealing than anything he’s done before! Stream Journeymans Cheddar below, and grip it from Night People to complete and/or start the adventure of collecting you Chuckles le Free sounds:

• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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