♫♪  Thomas Fehlmann - “Window”

Photo: Max Zerrahn

Pennsylvania, 1998: Your intrepid writer-to-be, yet just an impressionable young teen, listens to The Orb’s Orblivion for the first time. With its unconventional samples, cohesion of ambient and dance elements, and dense layering of textures, you could say his mind was sufficiently blown.

Montreal, 2009: To celebrate MUTEK’s 10th anniversary, Thomas Fehlmann (half of The Orb) came to throw down at one of two “Picnic” events, so named for their outdoor venues. The weather was warm, the surroundings green, the people giddy, and Fehlmann’s electronic set was dubby, carefree. The guy made it look fun.

Mexico City, 2017: Back to performing with The Orb again, Fehlmann and longtime collaborator Alex Paterson embark on an ambient performance.

The nether regions of the Ultraworld, 2018: Thomas Fehlmann is back with his seventh solo outing and fourth for Kompakt. As we recently reported, the album is out September 7 and titled Los Lagos, a sorta inside joke used as a greeting between Fehlmann and friends. And wouldn’t you know: we got the premiere of a new track called “Window.”

Some artists might stay with us for a few years. A rare few endure for decades; to that I say, Los Lagos, Thomas.

Pre-order Los Lagos here, and listen to “Window” here:

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