♫♪  Tjutjuna - “Schulze and Shaffner”

Full volume. Come on, try it for this one. I warn you though, this is louder than normal. I’m not sure how to explain it exactly, everything about this is just… bigger. As it should be. This here track “Schulze and Shaffner” is a tribute to those Tjutjuna members we have lost: Brendon Schulze and Adam Shaffner. For those of you who don’t know/didn’t know about the history of the mythical Denver beast known as Tjutjuna, the former iteration of the band as Mothership, the concept album about alien spores they did, or that show at the planetarium (yes, a planetarium, and yes, it was probably amazing)… well, now you do. And the loss of these members? No… no, it’s not a big deal. It’s a huge, fucking gigantic fucking deal, got it? What was lost: some psych. Some. Just enough to hurt. Just enough to enlarge, engorge, and enrage. Slowly, stately, professionally, “Schulze and Shaffner” marches forth in an epic eulogy. Keep your nerves. Deep breaths. Oh okay, cry already. But of course, we persevere. We buck up, keep our chins high, and we stomp on, in this case while traveling at warp speed through a wormhole. We still have these massive drums. We still have these euphoric harmonies stacked to the stars. We’ve got the gently unfurling melodies and the riptides of guitar. We’re going to be okay.

This track is the “b/w” part of the “Desert Song” cassingle from the Colorado psych outfit, who are fresh off an East coast jaunt that took them to CMJ last month. Check out the track below and hit up Fire Talk for a copy of the tape.

• Tjutjuna: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tjutjuna/118920721454555
• Fire Talk: http://firetalk.tumblr.com

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