♫♪  Toiret Status - Toiret Statue

“That toilet better look clean enough for guests to eat off,” said Mom. Then she set up fine China all over that bathroom — plates and utensils, cups, saucers — so when the oven timer went *ding* she brought mad foods into that left-field bathroom-dining experience, which made the tiny, over-crowded room smell like a full-course meal with hints of ammonia and fecal matter… all for the guests that were coming to eat in about five/ten minutes. This is exactly the sound of PLUS 100’s newest Toiret Status release. Toiret Statue is just strange enough — scrubbed to the bare sound, fragmented in evolutionary decay, and smothered beyond exhaustion — to wield a maniac grin that can be taken as playful and horrific.

Out now on cassette and digital formats, Toiret Statue is the perfect blend of trap-in-the-night core, while continuing that same line of pure chaotic wave. Toiret Status maintains a consistent bounce-sound collage we all continue to love, and somehow — maybe through the art of micro-sculpting sounds, maybe by setting the trend bar at maximum — the new self-titled release feels right at home on PLUS 100. There are even notes of Spencer Clark, HKE, and Arca mangled about in Toiret Statue’s sonic hues, followed up with Foodman and D/P/I nods.

But you be the judge! Scope Toiret Statue out now on PLUS 100 before the cassette sell-out inevitably happens. And set the bathroom to fine dining. Someone must dawn the porcelain throne to eat they meal:

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