Hi. Do you know who you just called? This is me, TOMMY HOTLINE. Please, leave a message with me in person. Take the pleasure in exploring who I am. Check my crevasses. I’m human as you as automation, but as you. Digital of holographic glitch. The corners of my audio are as if there’s nothing else to what they is or are to be. Or not to exist. But I’m here. See me? IDK on the biggest PC Music rise. As if there were ever a question of dance. I want to completely let go. Let go with me. This is all just an automation, btw. Hi. Please, leave a message with me once this voice introduction has completed. I’m awaiting the great pleasure of knowing you after you know me. In middle school I owned all the TOMMY. All the bootleg TOMMY. Hi, I’m TOMMY. This is my HOTLINE. My ego is your ego as we’re all ego. I cannot escape all this. This is inescapable. I’m completely terrified. So I dance instead. How do you cope with everything?

Chocolate Grinder

CHOCOLATE GRINDER is our audio/visual section, with an emphasis on the lesser heard and lesser known. We aim to dig deep, but we’ll post any song or video we find interesting, big or small.

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