♫♪  Tredici Bacci - “Swedish Tease”

Composer and guitarist Simon Hanes’s fourteen-piece company, Tredici Bacci, shrieks color, bursts joy, slings sex, goofs, poofs, woos, but keeps it tight until the very end.

In this spastically satiric video, directed by Noah Grossman, corporately drab men-like monsters who look like they moseyed out of Trash Humpers jiggle to Tredici Bacci’s million instruments as stock market data triangulates the non-space of some pseudo-luxardo wood-paneled waiting room.

Remember, it’s all just a roll of the anthropomorphized dice. Ride the rickshaw, ride the party bus, ride the golf cart, ride the cruise liner stripped down to your most grotesque flesh. Sip a daiquiri on a bar stool in a sunflower-shaped swimming pool as other saggily tanned couples snack on shrimp cocktails, and Tredici Bacci dazzles on a rotating stage. It’s crassy, it’s classy.

Stream the video below, and, if you’re feeling lucky, check out some other super spaghettified tracks on amore per tutti via NNA Tapes.

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