♫♪  Új Bála - “The Clock”

In a deep sea dive “more psychedelic than scientific,” according to Gábor Kovács, the cephalopodic traffic of analog jelly streams by in spinal fluidity, while divers slip through pipelines into feedback loops of alternate infinities.

“For me, being on the road is kinda like being in a western movie. I’m the strange pianist from another town, playing the same chanson every night, and people are offering me beans and whiskey for exchange,” say Budapest-based Kovács, aka Új Bála, as he reflects on touring. “And that’s just fine. Simple life.”

Both in music and in visuals, Kovács steeps “The Clock” in that same lonesome doveness offered by the road. Bass gurgles in the background while a meter ticks steadily in suspense, before shifting, at about a minute-and-a-half, into Balinese “Brown Rice” electro echo and stagger. Hydrostatic toms bubble up until an evocative synth string ringer gradually fades up and gives shape to the feel that was floating below the surface all along. After vital signs are checked in Mihaly Podobni’s analog altered video, everyone and everything eels into blue submersion. Solitude, by land or by sea.

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