♫♪  Various Artists: ArteTetra - E X O T I C__E S O T E R I Q U E_V O L. 2

Compilations have always been a solid way for labels getting both their aesthetic feel and artists’ sounds heard, ya ya ya. So having a variety of “Look-Books” — or whathaveyou — such as compilations come out annually or quarterly is super beneficial for places like ArteTetra who drop gallons of gasoline on a vast plethora of sounds and musicians. Wait no further, E X O T I C__E S O T E R I Q U E_V O L. 2 has finally dropped, featuring (almost) all new tracks from artists Ak’chamel, Los Siquicos Litoralenos, Holypalms, Jealousy Party, Rave Fosche, Adamennon, Francesco Vara, The Beautiful Bunker, Electro Summer Arcade, Accou, Vacuum Templi, Tacet Tacet Tacet, Dián Lòng, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Mårble, Babau, Bicikl, DJ Bitcoin, Kuru, Marimba, Hexn, and LDGU. There’s deep moments, prisms of light, softer edges and alleys, dark corners, and plenty of array. Listen to it entirely below and find it immediately on ArteTetra:

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