Not Not Fun unleashes trio of tapes from Severed + Said, Terlu, and Mårble, premieres new tracks from each

Not Not Fun unleashes trio of tapes from Severed + Said, Terlu, and Mårble, premieres new tracks from each
California keyboard minimalist Terlu: "Has anyone seen my keys???"

As 2018 barrels on, with no end in sight to our geopolitical and environmental woes, we can take solace in the adventurous sonic endeavors of our fellow humans. Submitted for your listening pleasure are three new cassette offerings from Los Angeles, California, Earth’s Not Not Fun.

Three years after their last release, Occlusions, Floridian dark synth maverick Severed + Said (John Touchton) returns to the label with Incorporeality. Severed brings us more of that humid, visceral, and haunting cuts. “Psychic Incision” picks up where we last left off with the project, as looping keys and busted percussion make for a primal ritual that’s ready made for the dead of night, preferably with sparse candlelight.

Next, we have the enigmatic Terlu, whose Big Bingo is comprised of a set of unreleased material, “recorded late at night in the spring and summer of 2011 in a garage in Grass Valley, California using a medley of thrift shop Casios, Yamahas, and scavenged cassette recorders.” That lo-fi sensibility is immediately evident on “Seahorse,” our first taste of the tape. It’s a compelling sound that’s enigmatic in its simplicity.

Anton Glebov’s Mårble is the last entry, with the new world fusion of Diego. Adjectives and bluster on my end don’t do it justice. The album, which began taking shape out of “field recordings he conducted on a recent trek through Georgia: gurgling waters of Narzan springs in the Caucasus Mountains, serenading frogs late at night by a lake in Batumi, crickets and cicadas hissing in the fields,” perfectly fuses the natural with the synthetic: you’re never quite sure whether what you’re hearing is real or a studio manipulation. Look no further than “Kobuleti Tooth Master,” a fast paced bit of the above mentioned field recordings, swift percussion, and heavily processed flute.

Catch all three of these tapes one month from today, March 9, and pre-order ‘em now from Not Not Fun Bandcamp. And in the meantime, imbibe TMT’s exclusive premiere samples from each release below. From a label that specializes in off the radar sounds, this is one of their strongest and strangest sets to date. This won’t NOT be fun! Dig in:

Incorporeality tracklist:

01. Corporeality
02. Psychic Incision
03. Interlude I
04. Pyretic Dreams
05. Interlude II
06. Dimensional Drifter
07. Interlude II
08. Incorporeality
09. Communion
10. Digital Parasites
11. Interlude IV
12. Pagan Pulses
13. Crescendo Macabre

Big Bingo tracklist:

01. Bingo
02. Guess
03. Siked
04. Seahorse
05. Relax
06. Lady Submarines
07. Mark’s Melody
08. Cold Loomwoofer
09. Goompoofer
10. Telepathy & Tonic
11. Corafax (Psyche Toner)
12. Zones (digital-only bonus track)

Diego tracklist:

01. Narzan
02. Kobuleti Tooth Master
03. Para La Olimpiada
04. Upanishad
05. Jabko
06. Болото Релаксации
07. Tbilisi Night
08. Коктель

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