♫♪  X.Y.R. / Bronze - “Into The Wild” / “Inane”

New releases are brewing over at the Not Not Fun camp, having recently announced their rerelease of Music From The Elevator by Legendary Hearts, the West Coast label now presents two more tapes respectively by X.Y.R. and Bronze:

Similar to the zones of NNF alumni Holy Strays and Moon Wheel, X.Y.R. finds a brave peace while traveling uncharted international waters with “Into The Wild.” Grown from a hum, clicks and ticks, and light field recording, “Into The Wild” starts in with a patient synth, warming up to a rythm echoing in hollowed wood, paired with a shuffle-sound beat, a gradual melody, and eventually a moan from the weathered adventurer. X.Y.R. is truly bringing the journey to music here, and it’s not to be taken lightly, as the quest is worth its weight in sound visions. Grip the new tape Mental Journey To B.C. on Black Friday!

Still burning off their last LP World Arena, Bronze dropped their newest LP In Stone on B.F.E Records in late August, and as a nice little bonus, they’re getting it released on the REEL via NNF. Coming into the lime with “Inane” light, Bronze entangles listeners with a maze of lyrics parallel to the ad nauseam analog rythm just building momentum throughout “Inane,” including some bombastic synthetics on the freak and a drummer that sweats up a storm cloud of beats. Dropping on THURSDAY (according to SoundCloud), count on In Stone appealing to that thankful mood you’ll be vibing as an American, because chances are Bronze will be doing more good to you than most of the surrounding environment, considering the holiday AND upcoming bum-rush of festive throat ripping on Black Friday.

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