♫♪  YAO GUAI CAVE - Music For Living Life In Myth

Firecracker in my damn head ready to go off any nanosecond and every two inches I walk forward is a lucky break. Life is lucky and if you’re lucky you’ll…you’re lucky, okay. One of the worst things would be to wake up and look up and see myth and spend the whole day in it, even while buying milk, other tasks.

Anyway, what are you doing out there, buying up the whole damn plantation including the sky above? Meanwhile, we’re trying to ship a little plastic so that a few, at least a few, can get some sips. Sip rations. Followed by a survey:

In this large conference room, a 13 inch television on wheels in the corner, showing horses on the beach, fade in to water moving over moss, fade to mustard dripping off the bun, fade to a spin around Grote Markt, back to the beach, and slow pan. Man cannot live on deli meats and cheeses alone, so tell us, what makes your wallet go crazy in the aisle of crackerjack?

Voice cuts in over the loudspeaker, some static, brief feedback, “Margarita spill at the salvage store.” So that’s where all the bees went for their honey. Some questions answered, some questions asked.


Yao Guai Cave - Wander
Malibu - Held
Yao Guai Cave - Kananaskis Skies
Joni Void with Bijou - gone
YlangYlang - Twin dreamers, unite!
H Takahashi - Highball
Yao Guai Cave - Falling Angels Pt. 1
Coldplay - Fix You (Four Tet Remix)
Donnacha Costello - Farewell
Yao Guai Cave - Summer Sadist
Kensuke Ushio - lit (Var) [from Koe no Katachi OST]
Téléphone Maison - Métaphores (Yao Guai Cave Version)
Hildegard Westerkamp - Kits Beach Soundwalk

Cover photo by Thomas Boucher

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