♫♪  YAO GUAI CAVE - “Zia Po’s Eucalyptus (Sustain)”

“We’ll share a foot bath!” They thought, “Only one of us, so let’s get to bubbling.” But it wasn’t the foot bath that was the issue. The issue was there were no issues between them both. Their body. It was the bubbling they were most interested in. All they did was stare, watching the bubbles grow and elongate, beholding each its own shape and tone of *pop* when it did. A joint foot bath. Two feet. Always a pair, “I’d say,” they said placing their feet into the hot, lathered foot bath. When it strikes them that there’s only the linoleum and bamboo that is mattered into existence. An existence they share on a daily basis. Tandem and all at once two spirits entangled by one.

YAO GUAI CAVE is a master of multitude presenting the 2018 sound of their project in “Zia Po’s Eucalyptus (Sustain).” It’s habitual in clockworks of sounds, entombing a world, the story line, character development, language, time, being, and (most importantly) etc. Find out how:

I have a memory of my zia po (grandmother) making eucalyptus oil in the kitchen when I was a child.

My eyes stung like hell but the fragrance was sublime.

She’s slowly succumbing to the effects of old age.

I wonder if she remembers this memory too. - YAO GUAI CAVE

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