♫♪  $3.33 - DRAFT [Teaser Video & Album]

It’s the sound of lucky $3.33. It’s shopping right. It’s everything at once. It’s being in sync. It’s becoming one with peace. It’s like having no problem spending money you don’t have. It’s the cheapest shit you’ll ever ingest. It’s the BEST pro-mo e-mail anyone can send. It’s each picture in DRAFT form. It’s being an expert in everything but that one thing. It’s being an expert in NOT that one thing. It’s the mystery everyone strives for, barely skimming the surface, and maybe a crop or two of an arm. It’s like happiness being the key to patience. It’s familiarity with nothing immediate, but everything on the whole. It’s like burning that piano dude at the stake.

$3.33 hit me up via e-mail — super simple — with a link to her Bandcamp album DRAFT. And it’s WAY more than just a walk in the park. Like walking in the park with eight legs attached and people aren’t looking. Listen for yourself to $3.33’s DRAFT streaming below:

• $3.33: http://www.threethirtythree.biz
• $3.33: http://www.celiaraehollander.com
• $3.33: http://threethirtythree.bandcamp.com

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