Virtual gallery EBM(T) opens new exhibition, Merge Lane, by Celia Hollander a.k.a. $3.33

Virtual gallery EBM(T) opens new exhibition, Merge Lane, by Celia Hollander a.k.a. $3.33

Because it’s a scientific fact that the most experimental places tend to get filled up with the most experimental people, EBM(T) — a virtual audio environment, listening room, and mutable gallery space hosted and coded out of Tokyo, Japan — has launched its latest digital exhibition, Merge Lane, by Los Angeles-based artist Celia Hollander.

Since the gallery’s inception in 2014 under director Nozomu Matsumoto, he and co-curator Nile Koetting’s EBM(T) has exhibited sound, writing, video, visual art, and all other forms of unclassifiable else from the likes of Tao Lin, Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell), Die Reihe, Sam Kidel, and a very well-curated group of artists and makers who’s work skews towards multi-media explorations of audio space. (And, because I like long lists and naming-names, I’ll go on to say that EBM(T)’s exhibition archive also includes Shana Moulton, Patrick Kosk, TCF, MSHR, Robin Mackay, Francesco Cavaliere, Augustin Maurs, DJ Shlucht, Julieta Aranda, and Steve Bishop…Love you all.)

Making and performing under the name $3.33, Hollander takes up her residence in the Cloud with image, text, and an electroacoustic sound piece made in collaboration with Alex Tyson “improvising on a grand piano submerged into the depths of a public indoor pool.” Although I’m not sure if or how that last part is to be believed, it seems to fit the general swirl of Hollander’s work, such as her contribution to Recital’s Cellar Volume 1 compilation from late last year, as well as her steady output of releases since then on her own Bandcamp (check out an excerpt a live performance of 2014’s DRAFT down below to get better acquainted).

Merge Lane will be live on EBM(T)’s site through May 16, after which it will join the site’s Archive Room in the form of a very pretty (but somewhat less “musical”) pdf. So, be sure to visit early and often before then!

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