♫♪  555 - “Som Hassel”

In a prefect world, there’s nobody to telling anybody that the reality they personally perceive is fantasy. Like that Snickers commercial where the football-player dude wakes up and he thinks he’s Batman. Or the entire movie Antichrist. Thus, if the new video for “Som Hassel” is the reality of 555, or someone’s perception of that 555 looks like visually, I’m thankful they shared it so I could join. It’s like them Magic Eye books met Marble Madness, then THEY met all the PC liquid excretion of the world, combined with the furious and subtle drumming, flickering syths, and peacefully soaring melody of “Som Hassel.” 555 goes into the Earth and comes out through an entirely different universe for both listeners and viewers to “fuck on.”

Anyhow, we gripped on 555’s “Som Hassel” last month, but are even more compelled NOW of the combination between visuals and luxury listening. Shit, the whole Nine Gates CS by 555 is luxury. It pushes the boundary of what is luxury and high-tier luxury. You can grip that sense of classiness via Moon Glyph and jam that yung Nine Gates by 555 on the beach this weekend! It’s getting hot, y’all.

• 555: https://soundcloud.com/555sounds
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

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