♫♪  Actress - “Ascending” / “Caves Of Paradise” / “Iwwad”

Benji B recently played three new Actress tracks on his Radio 1 show. If you have the leisure time and get a perverse kick out of suspending your gratification, then you can check out the whole show here for the next seven days. But if you’re the type of person who must go through the drive-thru and have, like, one-minute masturbating sessions, then it’s probably best to check out TheBananaKing11’s rip of the show above, which extracts all three songs into a nice little video. I guess your third option would be to wait until April 20, when Actress’ highly-anticipated R.I.P. album is for sale via Honest Jon’s. BUT YOU MUST CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE OF THE THREE.

• Honest Jon’s: http://www.honestjons.com

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