♫♪  Beat Detectives - “Siq Beat” (Instrumental Version)

Suicide Watch has a way more meanings now — in our modern times — than it had when it first came to phrase. The original definition gears toward health care professionals, family, friends, and/or employees to keep a close eye on someone who has expressed serious intentions of or has already attempted to commit suicide. Considering the millennial mentality that’s taken over society (i.e., how people use social media as an open diary to their fantasies, desires, pity parties, and half-baked opinions), another definition of Suicide Watch becomes more of a measure of reality entertainment by tracking, stalking, and eventually witnessing another kill themselves, whether committed to the act, or by complete “accident.” Personally, witnessing all these people in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and (NYC suburbia shit-hole) Long Island turns Suicide Watch into more of a hobby in terms of thinking, “At what level of violence would [whatever I’m witnessing/experiencing] make me want to kill myself?” Ad nauseam. And I used to love people and humanity. It’s like I can’t even talk to a wall without making myself feel like the world’s most uninterested and/or hateful person toward the world.

Y’all, Beat Detectives pulled through (toward the end of Dec. 2015) on some Suicide Watch antidote with a video for “Siq Beat (Instrumental Version).” Winter blues be banging on the negi-nodes, so if we all just pull our shit together and forget about everything but self and Beat Detectives, I think we’ll all last until Spring… and maybe a new release?

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