♫♪  Bernardino Femminielli - SATURNALIA @M^C^O Milan, Italy (16 June 2017)

WHAT THE FUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!????????? Bernardino Femminielli is ultimate.

Easily, one of the most cinematic URSS experiences: SATURNALIA @M^C^O Milan, Italy (16 June 2017) staring(?) Bernardino Femminielli.

As if being fooled were the turn-on here. Danger in shards and caressing. Was the audience paid to dance the entire time? How much of this is enabling? I’m completely a robot. Systems love. Who the fuck back there messing about most of the time? These people were paid to be uncomfortable. Or fix things? Is this video fixing things? And URSSS passed this along to me, so like, are they perverts? ALL OF THIS IS NSFW, no.

Everyone is smiling, this is so fucked I don’t get it; love it. Misunderstanding is the greatest form of art, no? This dude was French talking for 10 minutes earlier. Now, I’m not sure where we are. Bulletin board letters. These lights being the only home fixtures you install for the rest of your life too.

I’d witness this if I were paid in drinks, for sure. It’s like the bike-bar down the road where everyone is wearing leather, but nobody owns a motorcycle, and — rumor-has-it — if you dance on the bar without a shirt on they throw you free drinks.

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