♫♪  FEMMINIELLI NOIR - SATURNALIA: Milan, Italy [June 16, 2017]

Submit, fucker. I didn’t come here to see you. You came over there to see me. Like, has he been down there this whole time? Does trickery exfoliate? IT DOESN;T!!!! And I fucked on these fuckers in an e-mail? Why!!!

FEMMINIELLI NOIR (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Bernardino Femminielli) took over a glorious evening in Milan last month, and URSSS was there to capture it all. What is this? Anything you want it to be. Be home. Be at home. Be at home where? Anywhere you wan’t. I’ll go w/ u.

Grip Échec & Mat, the newest FEMMINIELLI NOIR, on MIND Records ASAP for them low-tide, but vibe dance sighs with optimal glide. YES!!!

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