♫♪  Better Psychics (Chris Weisman & Zach Phillips) - “Loose”

Chris Weisman gettin’ all kinds of creepy with this Better Psychics stuff. Wait, wait, wait… back up. First indication this is great: new material from Chris Weisman. Second indication: Zach Phillips of Blanche Blanche Blanche is in the band. In fact, it’s just the two of them, the Brattleboro super-duo here coming up with an album of 20 tracks for ZP’s freshly minted OSR label, home to a couple of BBB releases and one of Weisman’s crazier albums to date with Beatleboro earlier this year. So, like I was saying, fairly creepy for Weisman and surprisingly simple, harmonically speaking. A single chord with some light poetry and unsettling atmospheres sprinkling themselves about, all of it sure to roll your pupils as far back as physically possible. Elsewhere on the album is some of the wilder stuff coming from either of these gents (or anyone else, for that matter), and some of the prettiest too. Ballads, neo-jazz, atonalism, noise, guitars, synths, helium’d voices, Phillips going “brrrrr-r-rrr-rrr” at one point… some rapping from Weisman(???). Completely across and all the way off the damn board, but also somehow a perfect hybrid of what each brings to the table.

Watch for the tape to drop in about a month’s time, and word on the street is album #2 from the two is already in the works. If you just can’t wait for all this? Visit OSR’s new site and see if you can’t find a download thereabouts. And bloggers out there, dig this: OSR has a special price on tapes just for you. $4.02 — that’s be $4 for the tape, and .02 ¢ents in a review — gets a copy into your deck. And shit, I’ll write your review for you: this is weird and awesome.

• OSR Tapes: http://osr-tapes.com

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