♫♪  billy woods - “Cuito Cuanavale”

Through the looking glass Robert Mugabe watches Bob Marley perform ‘Zimbabwe’
Feelin’ out of body, fresh out the bush still see the bodies
Pompeii, History Will Absolve Me prolly
Botched robbery, Tupac in the lobby
True believers, Ian Smith on my left
Dying breath cursing these niggers
African chess in the beds of dry rivers
A stick traces plans in the silt
Angolan land but the links Cuban built
Neat trick, now China owns the dam your blood still gets spilt
Game sewed like an AIDS quilt
Daniel Day crazy straw up in your milk
There Will Be Oil, Dragonteeth sown in the soil
Planes overhead day and night
Les Misérables, he did it for a crust of bread and paid the price

I rep my era, bridge the gap between Marachera and Sweatshirt
Paperback Secret Sharer, admittedly it aint his best work
Network Haqqani, ISI let them boys cook
Deplorable but truth be told we all love to see the white man shook”

Dour Candy is out today.

• billy woods: https://www.facebook.com/williambodega
• Backwoodz Studioz: http://backwoodzstudioz.com

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