♫♪  Blanche Blanche Blanche - “New Food”

So, it’s official, Zach Philips is ending his Internet existence in 2015, as Hints to Pilgrims is the final (for now?) Blanche Blanche Blanche album. Which, last night my pal Mickey was saying the same about stopping all his news-reading and shopping and social media and bullshit research addictions in 2015 too, and I’m like, “Fellahs… that was THIS year, no?” Needless: ‘14 and ‘15 are both perfect times to drop the FUCK OUT of the online world and actually saying good morning to people without having it e-mailed.

And what a better time for Blanche Blanche Blanche to end: on the highest note. As they eating up all the “New Food,” the sense of branding out chimes them away from the Age of Information, so they put tennis shoes on their PCs and watch ‘em truck on in the drifter lifestyle. Even though NOTHING can get weirder than season nine of Grey’s Anatomy, the video for “New Food” by EyeBodega traverses through levels of Blanche Blanche Blanche’s left-field of mono-tone rhythms, excavating new colors of tension via visual melody struggle.

No matter how shit my computer at work may be, I’ll be jamming on Blanche Blanche Blanche vibes (as they’ve gone DEEP with discography for the past three years) well into 2015, thus Hints to Pilgrims is their perfect (immediate) swansong. Love you, Bx3!

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