♫♪  Cadu Tenório - “Nozsa Wars”

There’s a lot to this job so listen up. When grooming the monkey, it’s useless — remember this — to ask a monkey to act paranormal. When grooming the monkey choir, we’ve got one monkey running out the window, one monkey swinging on the chandelier, one monkey slurping up soda pop, one monkey stomping on the countertop, one monkey smashing up the cabinets, one monkey pulling out the bricks, one monkey sucking up the smog, one monkey spitting out crickets, one monkey knocking priceless things and that off the mantle, or maybe the end table, or somewhere in the house, maybe if I could find that monkey I could tell you what is getting knocked over, though I’m certain, absolutely certain, that something is getting knocked over somewhere by one monkey or another. Oh, you stupid stupid clumsy monkey! What am I to do? Get back here, all of you. No, a monolith won’t do. Oh, it’s hopeless, absolutely hopeless.

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