♫♪  Co La - “Make It Slay”

Woah! I didn’t know my desktop monitor could do 1080p HD! …Or maybe it can’t, and my eyes are tricking me. Or my ears are tricking me. Somebody is tricking somebody here, because this new video from Co La is too dope to be true.

The visual accompaniment to “Make It Slay” — the final track on Co La’s newest release Moody Coup — follows the adventures of a champagne glass as it travels from Arizona, to a snooty staircase, to the Great White North, and a few other glamorous locations. The stunningly sharp visuals enhance Co La’s crisp clicks, claps, snaps, and rimshots that set the downtempo pace for sluggish bass glides and sleazy trumpet slides on this tantalizingly minimal piece of electronica.

Make sure you expand the video to full-screen, and experience it to its fullest.

• Co La: http://meltersdelight.tumblr.com
• Software: http://www.softwarelabel.net

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