♫♪  Dan Svizeny - “It’s Beautiful”

There are some WEIRD zones out there past all the shit-it-yourself and bootleg cultures of urban environments. Like, put aside all your classist and suburb hate, and focus on the mentality of people. When does it begin to crack and these kids/generations begin to refute that? Is it in vein that Dan Svizeny has a hockey jersey with his name on it within the new video for “It’s Beautiful?” Drinking cheap beer out in the woods at witching hour… is it to exit from that suburban-style living, or a tribute to pointing out ALL our American flaws of guilt? Does he purposefully point out the necessity to rebel or is it just so ingrained in his culture to be as such that it’s all pure-to-form videoing?

At all costs, Max Gardner (director of the video) adds another visual entity in his catalog of stoic (also a VERY Dan Svizeny attribute) videos on Vimeo, and it’s all kinda hot in a David Gordon Green sorta way. Also, shouts out to Mirror Universe Tapes to keeping the heat alive in their own way: videos, new tapes, baller status, etc. Point being, out of ALL them words: Dan Svizeny gets his bad-ass on CONSTANTLY and nothing can jack his swag. Was actually listening to 29 yesterday on my new stereo system and I just about died. Jacked about his new tape Daniel Anton Svizeny on Mirror Universe Tapes NOW!!!

• Dan Svizeny: http://coughcool.tumblr.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

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