♫♪  Danny L Harle - “Jungle Survival DJ Challenge”

For 25 nerve-racking minutes, Danny L Harle takes on the world-renowned, critically-acclaimed, absolutely-absurd Jungle Survival DJ Challenge. In this ultimate, minimum-equipment music expedition — designed over the last 45 years to test a student physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually — Danny is provided the chance to extend his fame and celebrity status through DJ drops, song transitions, and hype-level fuckery. No food, blankets, or ponchos provided, only DJ equipment and a jungle!

Can Danny survive? Does he have what it takes? Is it possible to dance like an asshole for 25 minutes straight? If he had six pennies, could he make them all land heads up? Danny will have to put his skills to the test in his biggest challenge yet.

For those interested, the Jungle Survival DJ Challenge is also offered in 21-, 14- and 7-day versions.

Whoa, did you hear that MASSIVE DROP!?!?!?! WATCH OUT: PARTY BOOST!! TURN THAT SHIT UP!!!

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