♫♪  Danny L Harle - “Me4U” (starring Kim Chi)

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I love this song!
By Carrie Page · September 6, 2017

THIS SONG IS SO COOL. My daughter listens and listens to “Me4U,” and even her adult siblings have been drawn to it when they come visit. The track is soft and pliable, but can be molded and will hold shape. It will separate, but will also stay together. I haven’t listened to anything quite like this before; it kind of reminds me of the science projects we used to do as children where we mixed corn starch and water and you would get a unique consistency/texture. It’d be like a liquid, but if you tried to pick it up, it’d run through your fingers, then act like a solid if you slapped its surface. I can see that there is a therapeutic quality about listening to a song like this, kind of how it feels when working in the garden and moving your hands through the earth.

Customer questions & answers

Q: What happens if the song gets wet?

Answer: Depends on how wet. We live in a dry climate and my wife actually adds a bit of water to the song every other week or so because it starts to dry out a bit. If you think it’s too wet, then just leave it out on a tray in the sun to dry it out. Just make sure a cat can’t get to it. That wouldn’t be fun.

Q: does it come with a “play mat” of some sort?

Answer: No.

Q: do you consider the song to be edible?

Answer: No. While I do not believe it is poisonous (the primary ingredients in the song are notes and some form of baby oil), I would not recommend allowing or encouraging children to eat it, or listening to it with children who tend to put things in their mouths.

Q: is it good quality??

Answer: yes.

Danny L Harle’s 1UL EP is out now on PC Music.

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