♫♪  DJ Escrow - “PATTERN VIP” [ft. Dean Blunt]

Like a slug to the chest, DJ Escrow and Dean Blunt of Babyfather are back with a (new?) video for a (new?) track titled “PATTERN VIP.” It’s a classic BBF cut: loose and abbreviated, marked by lonely bass stabs, a hazy string sample, and subtle textural builds beneath Dean Blunt’s lyrical flips (this time from Big Pun and Notorious B.I.G.). The song’s outro is graciously handled by the BBF host himself — The Universal Soulja (waiting on vol #2, Escrow!) — with the two sections strung together by the best bridge of 2019. Gorgeous.

Find the digital single here, and hit up Denna Frances Glass for a 12-inch. And stay tuned, because Denna also just uploaded a rare glimpse into the soundworld of Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band, a late-aughts group apparently featuring the all-star likes of Glass, Dean Blunt, Lolina, Joanne Robertson, Roy Nnawuchi, Stan Iordanov, and more. What a time.

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